How to pretty up your envelopes

Want to make your envelopes a bit fancy? Well I’ve found a really affordable way to do just that. There is one catch…you’ll have to be ceative and flexible with your colors and prints 🙂

img_4902I visited the dollar store and to my delight found myself in the home utensils isle when some rolls caught my eye…yes wall paper rolls! The black floral print on the white paper was just so elegant and nicely spread out, I should add that the flower used for the print were peonies which is consider to be an intriquete and stunning looking flora. Well I immediately thought of using it for envelope liners so I bought a roll.

Here is a list of the materials you’ll need to make your liners once you’ve paid a visit to your local dollar store and gotten your pretty paper roll (assuming they carry some)


pretty paper



glue stick

5×7 envelope



I used a 5×7 Euro flap envelope in a baby pink color. I than placed over my pretty paper and proceeded to trace it so that I can make the cut exactly to the shape of my envelope. Once the cut was completed I applied glue to the back of the now liner and proceeded to insert and attach to the inside of the envelope.

img_4897I made a video tutorial to go along with this post…please follow this link to my YouTube channel where you’ll see it and  hopefully have a clear view on how to make one yourself.



I hope you found this post useful and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.


Mayra Betances





Valentine’s Day DIY Card

Hello, hello!

Love is in the air and I’m holding on to dear life with these pretty, handy and beautiful DIY greeting cards! If you are like me and like to do things yourself these are some card designs you can do in a few minutes…depending on how many cards you make! My favorite time of the year for friendship and gifting the old fashioned way…greeting cards and handwritten notes! I like working with cardstock but you can use whichever paper you’d like! Below is a list of the materials I used, but first a little interesting  fact into Valentines cards and Americans use of these love notes:

 Did you know that approximately  151 million cards were exchanged last year on Valentine’s Day in the U.S?! This number does not reflect the DIY cards

Commercially, Valentine cards didn’t appear in Unites States until the 1800s, though handmade cards had been popular for some time.

Well enough chit chat…lets get to stamping now…

Card size:                                                                                         

Standard A2 greeting cards are 4.25″ x 5.5″. This is exactly 1/2 of a 8.5 x 11 paper.

Cardstock used:                                                                                  

 #120  cover cardstock on a smooth finish. If you are use to working with different types of paper finishes and know their variables when it comes to ink you may use any that is pratical for you, I recomend smooth finish and a cover weigth of #120 otherwise the texture and the heaviness of the paper may give the effect of blurred image once the stamped is done.

Inks used:                                                                                          

 Acid-free, archival pigment ink sterling  by Martha Stewart Acid-free, archival pigment ink scarlet by Color Box

Stamps used:                                                                                      

 Hello by Ready Set Stamp ( sometimes can be found at the dollar store)

Heart clear stamp ( I can’t recall who makes this specific one, but any heart stamp you like will work well)





If you love handmade but don’t have the time to DIY you can always order these already made by me 🙂

Here are some other designs available to order on my shop


I like to keep my Valentine’s Day cards simple becuase this it the time my children and I do a card exchange ( not necessarily Christmas) so as you can imagine we make quite a few cards this time a year

Would love to see your cards once you’ve done them…come back and share pictures on the comments…also if you have any questions please ask, would love to help!


Mayra Betances


My Happy Jar

This one never gets old and for this time a year it’s amazingly fitting! I’m now on my second year doing this and although I did skip a month or 2 in which I honestly forgot to go and write my little note of happy moments I can assure you that what I did do was worthy. I sat down on December 31st and look through my notes and walked right into 2017 on a very happy, grateful and blessing joy! I will post a picture of the notes and my new 2017 happy jar this week on my IG and Facebook so please let’s stay in touch there too!


D&E Papel

I first  saw this idea of a jar of happy moments on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Facebook page, I love it so much., I’m putting it to practice! this will be my first year doing it. It’s simple, just grab a jar ( or any form of container to your preference) and every day or week write down the happiest time of the day/week., the paper could be any kind…this is truly for your own piece of mind and to literally count your blessings at the end of your year’s journey. I fancy up my jar cause I’m a decor freak, but it could be any container…keep in mind the jar is a clear and handy piece to choose as you can see your happy notes growing through the year as the jar fills up.


I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine and we both agreed that being…

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Paper is Part of the Picture…

Paper is to me what fabric is to a clothing designer. Paper is part of the picture, literally! I say this with intention and truth! A picture says a thousand words and this one might as well tell a few more…it is illustrated art, vision and scenery.

 Paper is part of the picture campaign was launched in 1921 and featured work like this small poster-format illustration where the base paper color plays a key role in the figure/ground relationshipdsc00595

Mahawk Maker is a quarterly issue that I love getting and look forward to learning the new and old ways on designs, materials throughout the graphic world and paper industry. The Character and Feel  Issues gives us a “window to the work of some of the best designers of the 20th century with Strathmore paper as the backdrop” Ten years ago the company stumbled upon a paper holy grail: a collection of samples, swatchbooks and sales guides boxed up in a warehouse all but forgotten. Spanning more than a century. The timeline displays more than merely ephemera: It serves as a tactile, visual history of graphic design styles and culture.” This is a timeline of Strathmore a paper maker company’s swatch book throughout the decades and how it’s covers speak volume of the time and social impact of paper and visual culture art.


There are multiple things to take into account when selecting the perfect paper for a project. There is weight and texture aside from colors that makes a design uniquely different. I particularly like my paper heavy, I prefer to work with 120 lb cardstock specially if is a single layer project. The weight of the paper to me determines the quality of any given project; it is the base, the canvas, the platform in which all elements go on. A heavy cardstock/paper and some unique outstanding fonts are the best way to make a statement on a contemporary invite so for me learning about and working with different paper weight is a treat!

Staying in the know of the new trends is a must so when I receive a new issue or learn a new-old technique on paper dealings I gain power over the material and by this I gain a wealth of knowledge to educate my clients; hence providing a more profound meaning to their event’s invitation. It is not just paper, is how is made and how it makes you and your guests feel. From the making of the pulp, mixing of tints and flattening into rolls of marvelous and colorful stacks that will eventually be transformed once again by you and I to represent us and our future life capsules know this;  paper is part of the picture always.dsc00602


Mayra Betances

Día de los Muertos Greetings

Colorful skulls from Dia de Los Muertos are so vibrant and pretty why not add some greetings and pass them around on cards?!

These are A2 fold over cards made on #120 cardstock weight and are hand stamped and colored.



I’ve been a busy girl these days creating a greeting card line that can identify with the cultural diversity amongst us so I really hope you find it pretty, useful and totally cool 😉

Día de los Muertos is a yearly 3 day remembrance of friends and loved ones who have passed and is observed in Mexico as well as other counties of Hispanic heritage. It starts on October 31-November 2nd

I’ll be soon releasing more greeting cards and calendar note cards that speaks to you and are handy for any occasion

These come in kits of 8 cards with mailing envelopes and can also be ordered individually on my online shop. (Click on SHOP tab)

Let me know in the comments if you like these…hint: I love them 😉


Mayra Betances


Purple Shades are all the rage!


, , , ,

Stunning Purple Magnolia elegantly packaged in a white box while rhinestones make a sparkly presense, all for a fabulous Quinceañera to be! Make it a statement invitation; Do I need to say more?


I hand dyed a total of 600 petals to make this beautiful flower, my workshop looked like a science or a chemist lab for about 2 weeks. Mixing dyes and soaking petals with the exact formula was great for many reasons, I confirmed that Purple is the color with the most similar shades that at the same time vary greatly in tone and intensity.

This invitation comes in a 6x6x1 white box. The cardstock used was Pearl linen texture and finished which only added romance to this fabulous design, the invitation lays on top of a silk bedding for an elegant display and packaging

Hope you enjoyed learning about the process and the finish design

I make this flower with much love and a lot of passion as it is a labor intensive design. I can make it practically any color conbination and timing required is 5-7 weeks from order placement date, this timeframe should be consider for you special event’s timeline

Mayra Betances


Water Flowers and Foil Roses for a BELLA Invitation

Nothing says charming and beauty all in one like this invitation I designed and crafted for BELLA New York Magazine, I’m honored to have the magazine come back to us for a second year in a row to make this exclusively for their yearly Hamptons White Party!


Staying with the color palette chosen by Editor-in-Chief Courtenay Cooper Hall I headed to my happy place (my crafting room) to start my designing and inspiration process.

The invitation was to be simple yet elegant while carrying a refreshing and fine look. Keeping that into account I created digital water flowers and placed them on a carefree layout for a natural vibe.

To add a fine touch I knew I had to incorporate a separate texture and/or element over the digital design so I dove into aluminum paper and rose die cuts. The shiny and luminous reflection the aluminum paper projected gave the roses an allure adding that elegant feel. A total of 950 foil roses were made, each invitation had 4 roses that were glued and arranged individually by hand.

image image image image image image image image imageimageimage

I’m enamored by this vibrant color combination and it’s refreshing vibe while conserving simple elegance.


Mayra B

Spring is in the Air!…for a while now…

With butterfly hugs and a flowery spin!

Invitations that make lasting impressions are a mission of mine. This is a folded window card with butterfly die cuts flying and screaming join us for a darling pretty spring birthday party!

This client knows my work and gave me freedom to create…her only request? “It’s a Spring party with paper flowers for my daughter’s 1st birthday so do as you wish”

I pulled out my cherry blossoms stamps, colored tissue paper, and a Spring color palette …cropped away and here it is!

Isn’t this lovely!




How I Integrate My 360 Lifestyle


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I once used to struggle with the concept of a balanced life style, and I say struggle because I really could never find a right level of equal time for each aspect of my life. This went on for many years, but then I realized that it could not be balanced, what I had to try and achieve is integration. Integration is a better fit for my 360 lifestyle as I’m a very involved and active person, I wear many hats during the course of any given day. I have 3 children who come first no matter what, so everything evolves around them, but at a priority pace. I’m lucky to have my children involve in my business and they often help more than not and this is also quality time we manage to squeeze in or should I say integrate? Yes!


Being a women and a hyper one, my attention and creativity span is constantly on the move, and this is when integration kicks in in its full and glorious splendor. There are a lot of people experiencing this “dilemma” as was noted in the TED Talk Multipotentialite. See image below shared by amykayklark I find it visually helpful, let this sink in for a minute.


 Aside from running a business which is in the handmade market therefore consumes a lot of my time, I also run a nonprofit organization which is my way of giving back to my community and fills my heart while helping children. These ventures often bring me to meetings and making connections with some amazing people, I enjoy forming relationships and helping others so I channel that though my support group Entrepreneurial Think Thank for Women (ETTWomen) in which I can learn and be of service in areas other than my business and nonprofit.

I’m a true believer in the power that lies with sharing your story; this is when one connects at a human level with others and in business this sums up to bonding lasting relationships. With this said I’m super excited to launch the Columbus chapter for ETTWomen and want to invite all to step into your power and join me on April 12 at 6:30pm at Arepazo Restaurant in the Brewery District and together bring about the experience of connecting with like-minded women to support, promote and encourage each other.


Mayra B.

Easter Recycled Cards



I wanted to make something different but related as well…so I made handmade paper and made some pretty embellishments for Easter cards!


We made colorful paper out of used and old tissue paper and gift wrap. We literally shredded to small bits and pieces and blended each color separate. I had a handmade paper kit since my visit to Country Living Fair at the Historic center in Ohio in 2010, so this saved me a trip to get screens and glues to make the molds.

I decide to make embellishments with the papers we made because they did not come out smooth enough to put through a printer so I improvised and used regular cardstock for the card base.




The kids absolutely loved the messy process. Its a lot of work and it’s messy but so is painting and stuffing eggs, hiding them and than hunting for them!

It’s a fun, educational and an extremely creative activity to do in general let alone with children, they truly understood the concept of saving trees by not buying paper to make embellishments but rather reuse what we already had.

It all started here!





I would love to learn about your Easter activities so leave a comment with feedback, or if you have any questions ask me, I’ll be happy to help you!


Mayra B.