Water Flowers and Foil Roses for a BELLA Invitation

Nothing says charming and beauty all in one like this invitation I designed and crafted for BELLA New York Magazine, I’m honored to have the magazine come back to us for a second year in a row to make this exclusively for their yearly Hamptons White Party!


Staying with the color palette chosen by Editor-in-Chief Courtenay Cooper Hall I headed to my happy place (my crafting room) to start my designing and inspiration process.

The invitation was to be simple yet elegant while carrying a refreshing and fine look. Keeping that into account I created digital water flowers and placed them on a carefree layout for a natural vibe.

To add a fine touch I knew I had to incorporate a separate texture and/or element over the digital design so I dove into aluminum paper and rose die cuts. The shiny and luminous reflection the aluminum paper projected gave the roses an allure adding that elegant feel. A total of 950 foil roses were made, each invitation had 4 roses that were glued and arranged individually by hand.

image image image image image image image image imageimageimage

I’m enamored by this vibrant color combination and it’s refreshing vibe while conserving simple elegance.


Mayra B

Spring is in the Air!…for a while now…

With butterfly hugs and a flowery spin!

Invitations that make lasting impressions are a mission of mine. This is a folded window card with butterfly die cuts flying and screaming join us for a darling pretty spring birthday party!

This client knows my work and gave me freedom to create…her only request? “It’s a Spring party with paper flowers for my daughter’s 1st birthday so do as you wish”

I pulled out my cherry blossoms stamps, colored tissue paper, and a Spring color palette …cropped away and here it is!

Isn’t this lovely!




How I Integrate My 360 Lifestyle


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I once used to struggle with the concept of a balanced life style, and I say struggle because I really could never find a right level of equal time for each aspect of my life. This went on for many years, but then I realized that it could not be balanced, what I had to try and achieve is integration. Integration is a better fit for my 360 lifestyle as I’m a very involved and active person, I wear many hats during the course of any given day. I have 3 children who come first no matter what, so everything evolves around them, but at a priority pace. I’m lucky to have my children involve in my business and they often help more than not and this is also quality time we manage to squeeze in or should I say integrate? Yes!


Being a women and a hyper one, my attention and creativity span is constantly on the move, and this is when integration kicks in in its full and glorious splendor. There are a lot of people experiencing this “dilemma” as was noted in the TED Talk Multipotentialite. See image below shared by amykayklark I find it visually helpful, let this sink in for a minute.


 Aside from running a business which is in the handmade market therefore consumes a lot of my time, I also run a nonprofit organization which is my way of giving back to my community and fills my heart while helping children. These ventures often bring me to meetings and making connections with some amazing people, I enjoy forming relationships and helping others so I channel that though my support group Entrepreneurial Think Thank for Women (ETTWomen) in which I can learn and be of service in areas other than my business and nonprofit.

I’m a true believer in the power that lies with sharing your story; this is when one connects at a human level with others and in business this sums up to bonding lasting relationships. With this said I’m super excited to launch the Columbus chapter for ETTWomen and want to invite all to step into your power and join me on April 12 at 6:30pm at Arepazo Restaurant in the Brewery District and together bring about the experience of connecting with like-minded women to support, promote and encourage each other.


Mayra B.

Easter Recycled Cards



I wanted to make something different but related as well…so I made handmade paper and made some pretty embellishments for Easter cards!


We made colorful paper out of used and old tissue paper and gift wrap. We literally shredded to small bits and pieces and blended each color separate. I had a handmade paper kit since my visit to Country Living Fair at the Historic center in Ohio in 2010, so this saved me a trip to get screens and glues to make the molds.

I decide to make embellishments with the papers we made because they did not come out smooth enough to put through a printer so I improvised and used regular cardstock for the card base.




The kids absolutely loved the messy process. Its a lot of work and it’s messy but so is painting and stuffing eggs, hiding them and than hunting for them!

It’s a fun, educational and an extremely creative activity to do in general let alone with children, they truly understood the concept of saving trees by not buying paper to make embellishments but rather reuse what we already had.

It all started here!





I would love to learn about your Easter activities so leave a comment with feedback, or if you have any questions ask me, I’ll be happy to help you!


Mayra B.



March, Month of the Women and Birthing of Spring!


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Keeping track of National month of this and that can be a daunting task for some of us; but come on, its Women’s History Month and is first day of Spring month how could we not celebrate the mother of all things; Mother Nature and Mother of Humanity! March events celebrating and recognizing women began back in 1911 when the first International Women’s Day took it’s roots. There were of course many petitions and series of events leading up to 1980, the year when President Jimmy Carter issued a presidential proclamation declaring the week of March 8, as National Women’s History Week. By now is was evident that women were not going to settle for a week’s recognition out of the entire year so fast forward to1987, when Congress  passed a bill along with many other sub-petitions thereof authorizing the President to proclaim March of each year as Women’s History Month.


Now I’m going to deliberately interconnect the fact that March is the month when we welcome the most beautiful seasons of all; Spring, and connect that to us women and women’s month. Now that’s quite a month ladies!


Mayra B.

Amor, amor, amor…


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I have to say that Valentine’s Day is my most favorite time to give! Even for my children, we skip the Christmas card exchange and rather put our efforts and money into preparing cute and lovely goodies for their classmates. Since we launched our stationary greeting card line I’ve had a delightful time creating these simple and lovely kits this year.

Commercially, Valentine cards didn’t appear in Unites States until  the 1800s, though handmade cards had been popular for some time. I have included some Valentines Day fun facts along this post that I found to be interesting, see which one catches your eye!


Valentine candy “conversation hearts” have a shelf life of five years

What a day!

What a day!

Red hearts are a ubiquitous Valentine symbol. Red is traditionally associated with the color of blood. At one time, people thought that the heart, which pumps blood, was the part of the body that felt love. In fact, when the Egyptians mummified their dead for burial, they removed every organ but the heart because they believed the heart was the only part of the body necessary for the trip through eternity.

Sending you love!

Sending you love!

The High Court of Love” was established in Paris, France, in 1400 and is the first known official celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day. Composed of 30 women, it dealt with love contracts, violence against women, and betrayals


Madame Royale, daughter of Henry the IV of France, loved Valentine’s Day so much that she named her palace “The Valentine.”

Groundhog Day was originally observed on February 14

For these Valentine’s Day cards I used stamps, twine, off-white cotton cardstock and a few caring phrases I found along the way or just came up with them as I crafted. Cards are 4.5 x 5.5 and kept the greeting short and sweet leaving lots of room for your own writings. I make these cards in kits of 10 but can also provide 1 of each design in 1 kit of 10

For more fun facts and references to the ones included here I recommend Random History Facts as a source of tons more.

Do you have a fun fact or curiosity about Valentines? I would love to know, care to share?


Mayra Betances


A Romantic Soirée on Valentines Day

Feeling like a Romantic Soiree again…how lovely

I recall a time in which I enjoyed Valentine’s Day so much, I rested late afternoons on cardboard filled with tacky white glue and gold glitter plastered all over my face, hair, hands and arms too! yes I was a 10-year-old girl making heart shape cards with an arrow crossing its crooked cut shape as I did not have a die cut back then.

DSC_0205Source: A Romantic Soirée on Valentines Day

I love the concept that Valentine’s Day stands for, it brings an air of friendship love awareness that is often taken for granted. Unlike couples who have an anniversary or any other unique date in which they can celebrate their love and romance; friends don’t necessarily have an anniversary of sort, other than the year or time frame in which the friendship developed, this would be a more fitting day to celebrate those relationships.

I wanted to do something simple, romantic and useful to display for this post. This is a notes writing setting, of course with desserts made by my dear friend Yanneris Genao, to sweeten the thoughts and write something beautiful for that special someone, so grab your BFF’s and hop on a comfy chair and enjoy the sweet sheer ribbon canopy setting.  I found a pretty handy site wishafriend  in which you can get inspirations for writing your Valentines notes, below is one I find to be uniquely thorough, hovering over anything and everything between a laughter and a tear.


When you want to talk, I will hold your hand and listen to you.
When you want to cry, I will lend you my shoulder.
When you want to run away, I will run with you.
Coz’ no other world can be half the fun, as my world is with you in it.
Happy Valentines day!



My Happy Jar


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I first  saw this idea of a jar of happy moments on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Facebook page, I love it so much., I’m putting it to practice! this will be my first year doing it. It’s simple, just grab a jar ( or any form of container to your preference) and every day or week write down the happiest time of the day/week., the paper could be any kind…this is truly for your own piece of mind and to literally count your blessings at the end of your year’s journey. I fancy up my jar cause I’m a decor freak, but it could be any container…keep in mind the jar is a clear and handy piece to choose as you can see your happy notes growing through the year as the jar fills up.


I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine and we both agreed that being blessed is a term that is overly used…I refuse to believe that God did not bless those parents of children with disabilities., in fact those people are extremely bless by my description given that they are face with such hard life situations and still manage to see the beauty and joy within. God did not only bless me for having the ability to bring about my dreams and making it work for my family, I’m bless because I see the possibilities within my adversities. I’m not bless when life is good and everything is working to perfection; that’s just the natural course of things. I’m bless when I’m face with struggles and rise through them with a wiser but humbler heart.

May 2016 be as prosperous, rewarding and happy as my 2015! It has been a fabulous year and look to my family to continue success and joy in absolutely every step of the way!!! Health, peace, joy and abundance on all the good! to D&E Papel and Create Happy Moments I know this is a year of grand impact and a year of beautiful stories to be remember!!! Let’s fill up this jar with nothing but phenomenal moments to be open at the end of this years journey and literally count our blessings!!!

IMG_5668 IMG_5670


  Mayra B.

How can my Holiday Party Invitations stand out?


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As we make our way into December, our Holiday atmosphere just intensifies, and so do the events. I was recently interviewed by Alexandra Anastasio for BELLA New York Magazine for their Holiday issue. I shared some key tips on how to create the right invitation for a Holiday party and how best to present it so it is not confused with yet another of the many greetings cards arriving in your mail during this season. Here are some images of party invitations I designed that will fit each must do/must have, to make your event stand out!

  1. When Planning a holiday party what are the first things to think about wehn designing an invitation? It is key to keep my clients vision while sketching an overall design; however choosing materials and paper textures has more to do with the event’s theme and holiday vibe in my designing process. I try to feel what the client likes and dislikes and try to center it around their preferences and their vision yet balance it with a professional and acceptable look. When possible I like to visit and research the venue of the event…it gives me an insight. A timeline is set in place to keep on track image

2. With all the mail that people receive around the holidays…how can you make your envelope stand out from the rest?As for the envelopes, always bring an element from the invitation forward to have a continuous theme. We don’t want an invitation to get mistaken for yet another greeting card.
It needs to stand out in a hay of greetings. During the design stage mailing costs need to be settle as this will determine the way in which it will be delivered to your guests.
For the envelope a texture paper and/or decorated prints will definitely stand out in your guests mailbox…one can also consider a packaging, such as a boxed invitation,this could be square, rectangular or in some designs such as invitation made on fabrics or roll up, a tube packaging will literally roll out.


3. With the month of December being a hectic one, how far in advance should you send out your invitations and what’s an appropriate response time? Allow 2 weeks extra regardless , but in the case of a December event, I would make sure the guests would receive it before Thanksgiving because between Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s just a whirlwind and no one can keep track!
Again, processing time and mailing time need to be settled at the designing stage. Response time ideally 2 weeks is best to secure venue commodities don’t collide with others.


4. How do you create invitations that are unique and different, one that stand out from the rest? In a general sense invitations can consist of the same pieces, (main invite card, RSVP, Directions card, or any other enclosures) it stands out differently to the customers because of the rationalization. Creating something unique consists of a combination in the materials, fonts, colors and layout; however, the fundamentals remain the same

image image

image image image

5. With an invitation that is truly a work of art, how would you suggest showcasing/incorporating it into your party? There are many ways to bring out the invitation feel and theme throughout the event itself! For a Holiday celebration a lobby table or a bar is usually set up as a display for a welcome focal point…hence a framed sign incorporating colors, fonts and embellishments from the invitation is perfectly fabulous. Such as (welcome to the Smith’s annual holiday dinner)
Other pieces that can make their way in are Menu cards, banner, seating cards, and at times personal games printed to fit your event.

11999048_916808145022242_4107086091615231596_n IMG_5317

  • Sample Timeline for a December 17 event:
  • September 28th (consult and chose design)
  • October 6 (order invitations)
  • November 3rd (clients receives invitation)
  • November 10th (mail out invitations)
  • November 17-23 ( guests receive invitation)
  • December 7th (RSVP due)
  • December 17 ( event day)

You can see more in my featured interview for BELLA’s Holiday Issue.


Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or need an input ask me., I’ll be glad to help you.


Mayra B.

Haunted Halloween Theme


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This year’s Halloween party theme is a haunted library. Libraries are filled with countless books full of stories, with quiet rooms ready to be shaken by storytellers eager to frighten the spirit off of you. I absolutely love the idea of visiting a venue which will put me in the mindset of a chosen theme; it gives me the proper vibe to pour into an invitation that would spook the socks off your guests in a fabulous way. See below for The Village Bookstore in Columbus OH, which I visited for this year Haunted Library Halloween theme

The Halloween Invitation is a book like card with 4 layers of velum and cardstock and a vintage metal key featuring an eyeball to a book of spells. It can be mailed in a regular 5×7 envelope but a lined envelope is recommended.

Theme colors are lime green, black, white and pumpkin orange.



As this is a scary story reading inspired theme I wanted to involve all the scary library elements within. I used clocks, vintage keys, books, letters, watches and yes, eye balls. At home I made a simple and quick setting as my welcome wall for my group horror readings which included some 10 year olds. I found some Halloween book classics like Frankenstein, Sleepy Hollow, Moby Dick to give as party favors. I wrapped the books in green burlap and orange string which are the colors of my theme. I also made some bookmarks which I displayed alongside some pencils and a spell magic letter game. These were all things the kids could take as party favors, along with a small bag of candy, of course.

Tick Tock the witching hour is upon us



I had the thought of visiting my towns library to borrow books and making the set up in my family room at home which would be perfect, and I did. However I wanted to visit a bookstore t see if they would be willing to host group readings for Halloween as an alternative if I did not have enough room at home. I gasped with delight when I arrived at The Village Bookstore in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, they do not hold group readings but the building would be a perfect venue for your dream Haunted Library themed Halloween party. As usual what you attract attracts you…or so it goes. Personally I have a thing for Historical ventures.

IMG_4980 IMG_5005IMG_4989IMG_4993

I promise you this is good…keep on reading…

The chapel was built in 1889. It all began in 1886 when a group of women, yes you read that correctly, a group of women organized a “Mite Society”, expressly to support a Sunday School. The group created enough interest in a church to cause the forming of a group of Trustees of man; hence permission was granted to build a chapel if they could first raise $500. Shortly this was done they began to erect a building.

 The wooden “chapel” was finished. This church bell was purchase for $25 and installed in 1904 and since then lots of remodeling and improvements have been made. In 1965 The Linworth Methodist Church building was purchase and turned into The Village Bookshop. The present owners who I had the pleasure to meet, Gary and Carol Friedlinghaus  have run the bookshop since 1983. Truly humble people they are and the trust and liberty they gave me to do my photo shoot at this overly possessed  characteristic historical building is just amazing.  walked in this bookstore and immediately felt welcome by the owners daughter who was beyond helpful.



The Bookstore has several Used Books rooms on the second level of the building., see more images in this gallery.

This is the easiest and most effortless party you can plan for a Halloween activity; it also happens to be one of the most fear sensing theme one can experiment. I hope you enjoyed the reading and got a tip or two. Have an spooktacular Halloween




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