Rustic and Chic Invitation Cards!

I’m absolutely in love with these cute cards. this is a design I put together for a Pearls and Burlap birthday party.

the idea was to keep it simple chic but rustic and I believe this was a job well done! I shouldn’t praise myself but just couldn’t help it 🙂

I hope you like these as much as I do

MPLP, Burlap, Chic, Shabby, Ructic invitation

 I do have a video tutorial on this but my computer audio is acting up on me so I figure I would post pictures while that resolves; feeling a little blue because this is my first video tutorial and I was so excited to post it 😦

I will work on it and will post as soon as I can get it together 🙂 while that happens please see materials used in the order assembled below, there is a list with all materials at the end.

Pearls and Burlap Invitation

Rustic chic shabby invitation, Mayra, MPLP

MPLP, Rustic, Chic, Invitation


glue gun (with glue stick)

tape glider gun (my favorite tool)

5×5 top fold card

3 inch square pink tripe pattern cardstock

3 inch fancy frame die cut on brown craft recycle paper

branches, pearls, burlap,lace, paper flower die cuts, ribbon bow (optional)

you can choose different embellishments to suit your theme!

I like the polka dot ribbon for the bow because it gives it a childish look while carrying the pearl look throughout. I’ll be posting pictures of the entire event in the next few weeks, it will be another collaboration between Yanneris Genao and MPLP!


Mayra B.


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