Come into my Speakeasy

It’s the roaring 20’s; Gatsby! Gals flap your way into my Speakeasy, Gentleman tame your mustache

This is an invite for my birthday celebration 🙂 I’m going for a Speakeasy theme. I’m a fan of all things vintage and fancy so I’m thrill to bring this event to live. The idea was to make it glamorous but shabby. This is a handkerchief made out of cotton fabric with some lace trim, added a puffy black feather, a golden button and some colorful glitz to spice things up!

Speakeasy; stands for speak-easy as if softly,term used for bars that sold alcohol secretively during the Prohibition era in the USA between the years 1920-1933; when the ban lifted. The era is more often referred to as the roaring 20’s.

the 1920’s was also known for its glamorous and exquisite fashion, for the era of outlaws, Moonshine, Bootlegging and gangsters. Adding to this was the famous flappers: girl with a promiscuous and lust agenda. Definitely an era of tumultuous protest and those in support of lifting the ban on alcohol, (actual bill name was the Volstead Act) march holding signs that read: We Want Beer and Wet Voter!
There is so much to this era that to narrow it down to one post is to frankly degraded by the power of a thousand!

1920's invitation

Prohibition Era Invitation


1920's Invitation

Hope you liked this new design; I will post pictures of the entire event once this one comes to conclusion


Mayra B.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anny Betances says:

    The party was Fabolous, it was like everyone that was invited got in a time machine back to the prohibiton era/speakeasy is such a great idea for a fun party to have a great time with friends and love ones…
    all of my friends really enjoy this party and are asking to let them know when you have another one… they won’t miss it!!!! neither would I.

    thank you


    1. My Perfect Little Party says:

      aww, thanks Anny. I will be posting pictures of the event for my next post this Monday. Stay tune for upcoming fun and exciting gatherings to come!


  2. Rhonda Forte says:

    How can I get these invitations?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. D&E Papel says:

    Rhonda….I’m so sorry for the late reply to your question. I did respond and for some reason it didn’t post…I’m now following through blog comments and see that my response to your question never posted. Truly sorry
    Please contact me at 201-888-0576 or by email


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