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RSVP stands for….well., not quiet. Let’s take it back a few centuries. RSVP is actually the French abbreviation for the phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît.



Which we can roughly translate to:

  1. Respond please.  or
  2. Reply if you please.

However;  today in France the common phrase for asking a guest to respond is simply:

  1. French: Prière de Répondre which in English is: Please answer

How we came to widely use “RSVP” to stand as the proper way to formally ask our guests to respond to an invitation started In the 1700’s. At the time French was the language of diplomacy, and France was considered the leader in culture and fashion by the English royalty and upper classes. It was also the custom in the United States, among high society, to use French as the language enlightenment.

As April is National Card & Letter Writing Month, it is relevant to mention that at the time Calligraphy was a must in formal writing, and in most cases the only form of writing as for the most part back then, only the elite learn to read and write. Fortunately now, reading is not the just reserved to the elite, we can refer to any book on the subject of Social Etiquette, such as Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition which is great source when it comes to Etiquette and decorum for our modern age.


Now fast forward a few Hundred years, say…the 21st Century…to be exact, the year 2015, and the trend in writing is now?… Yes, you guessed it: Calligraphy is back. My lovely sister and so very talented Sarah Betances is a wonderful source of quality items, and, when it comes to the prettiest and trendiest things of all Sarah is the person to go to. For example, she recently made this RSVP in hand calligraphy print, with rich blue ink as the filler. Color ink is now a wonderful palette of fun choices, and all I can say is that picture says a thousand words. Stylish Givings is her passion. Sarah made this so very beautiful RSVP card, I can always count on dandy and Stylish things when it comes to her.

Photography also courtesy of my lovely sister Sarah 🙂

In my design for D&E Papel there are multiple facets considered during the process to arrive at the final  sketch…Can’t get any simpler then Black and White to kick of the process ….. color filling comes in last.


Please don’t forget to RSVP to your next event!

Mayra B.