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“I feel like painting mom” is what my daughter Ella told me, my son Deogo was not really convinced and by all accounts he has a pulse for it, I tell you. Well, for their birthdays, since they are a week apart, I usually celebrate them together, So for this year an Artist theme it is. So let’s brush off some canvas, and mix, smash that pasty paint and let our inner Picasso out for this fun creative party to be!

We already started with the invitations.  We had a fun time making these and they are so giving away the theme! which is exactly what you want your guests to get from an invite, to feel what the event is about whichever that may be.



IMG_1898IMG_1915 IMG_1924Once we were done, Deogo took a glance and said “huh, I like them”


Mayra B.