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Stunning Purple Magnolia elegantly packaged in a white box while rhinestones make a sparkly presense, all for a fabulous Quinceañera to be! Make it a statement invitation; Do I need to say more?


I hand dyed a total of 600 petals to make this beautiful flower, my workshop looked like a science or a chemist lab for about 2 weeks. Mixing dyes and soaking petals with the exact formula was great for many reasons, I confirmed that Purple is the color with the most similar shades that at the same time vary greatly in tone and intensity.

This invitation comes in a 6x6x1 white box. The cardstock used was Pearl linen texture and finished which only added romance to this fabulous design, the invitation lays on top of a silk bedding for an elegant display and packaging

Hope you enjoyed learning about the process and the finish design

I make this flower with much love and a lot of passion as it is a labor intensive design. I can make it practically any color conbination and timing required is 5-7 weeks from order placement date, this timeframe should be consider for you special event’s timeline

Mayra Betances